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The Crystal Lake
(U.K. Single)
The Crystal Lake
Under the Western Freeway
Everything Beautiful is Far Away (U.K.Single)
The Crystal Lake

A Pretty Mess by This One Band

A.M. 180 (U.K.Single)
Sophtware Slump
The Windfall Varietal
Could This Be Love
(Early 7")
Laughing Stock (U.K.Single)

Machines Are Not She E.P.
(U.K. Mail Order Freebie)

Summer Here Kids (U.K.Single)
Hewlett's Daughter
He's Simple He's Dumb He's the Pilot
Howe Gelb
(Early 7")
The Broken Down Comforter Collection
Complex Party Come- Along Theories
Signal to Snow
(American E.P.)
Zum Audio
Grandaddy-Perlis- Beachwood Sparks
Tape Op